Terms & Condition

1.    If you are using our services then make sure that you have already read and understood our bounds and terms. If you not agreed then please don’t use our services.
2.    www.roshans.in  is a E-commerce portal which is powered by Kanak Drishti Infotech Pvt. Ltd. follows all laws of Indian Constitution. 
3.    There will be no any modification on products as your choice, our company will decide all the changes what we required.
4.    You got one password after completion the registration process. You have to maintain this password as confidential for future use, roshans.in will not responsible for secure your present future. You have to change your password when you lost one.
5.    www.roshans.in  provides all types of gift items (and also provides occasionally gift items). All services are enable, Users to purchases all the items and select the payment option whatever you want which is provided by our company.
6.    The price list of items may be varied by time to time as the company decision.
7.    Offers also varied with as same.
8.    If you got any Guarantee/Warranty on your products then you have to claim to Product Company, roshans.in is not responsible for this.
9.    Shipping of the products shall be proceed by roshans.in shipping partners.
10.    You will receive your order by same days which are showing at the time of booking the products.
11.    Our team member will catch you by 3 attempts, if your order has not been delivered at first time.

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